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Guaranteed quality publications. On time. At a competitive price. We are British Columbia's community press printer.

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Our Services

From design to distribution.

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Digital design and graphics, computer-to-plate processing, high quality printing, binding and mail handling. By providing whatever you need under one roof, we can streamline the process from concept to delivery, saving you time and money.

Our Products

Newspapers, catalogues, inserts, and more.

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More than 150 daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly publications in 22 languages make us the go-to printer for numerous voices. We’re also the big kid on campus when it comes to printing college course calendars and student newspapers.

Press Release

Defying Industry Trends

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Business in Vancouver now ranks us as the 7th Largest Commercial Printer in BC.

International Web exPress

For over 10 years, Web exPress has specialized in short to medium run magazine printing, catalog printing, book printing, directory printing and more. We are known throughout the industry for our specific niche in perfectbound and saddlestitched products printed with primarily one and two color text with the option of glossy 4-color covers and inserts.

Designing our facility based on such a unique market has allowed Web exPress to help organizations province wide by providing them with great service and quality, quicker turnaround times, and excellent pricing. Our professional staff is specifically trained to serve this market, and our equipment is designed for quick make-ready’s and low running waste. Our centralized location further provides customers with timely and money saving distribution.